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The Day the Sun Stood Still - Mars and Earth's Resonance Orbits

The Day the Sun Stood Still

Written by David Gaddy (also closely related to Chuck Missler's study - 

Monday, 23 June 2008 14:09

In Joshua 9 and 10 we read of an incredible battle with a miraculous ending. While protecting their newfound allies, the Israelites battle the five Amorite Kings in the valley of Aijalon. To finish the battle Joshua prays for more daylight and the sun stood still for almost a day. So how did God achieve this miracle? Did he stop the Earth's rotation, cause an eclipse, or is it more figurative than literal?

Urban Legend – First we should dispel the rumor that Nasa or Princeton discovered a “missing day” in their orbital calculations. This story usually reflects that scientists were trying to compute orbital calculations for the first satellites (some use the Apollo missions) and they were hitting a dead end in their calculations because they were "missing days" in their formulas. But once they enlisted the help of Bible scholars, they showed them the Long Day of Joshua (and sometimes the shadow of Hezekiah gets lumped in too). This new information allowed them to update their formulas and successfully launch into space. After hearing this story many times you begin to believe it as truth. After all it is used in the pulpit often. But upon further examination, it appears that this is simply unfounded and is nothing more than an urban legend. It doesn't even make sense scientifically. Orbital mechanics are not contingent upon any calculations that concern a number of days in our history. So we should cease from using this little piece of legend from our pulpits. The Bible stands up really well against scientific scrutiny without us having to use such methods that could come back to bite us. Please research things like this before using them. (Be a Berean (Acts 17:11))

Popular Theories:

  1. The Earth stopped rotating and God disrupted the laws of physics miraculously. -- God can do anything including this, but it appears to me that He likes to use his creation to fulfill His needs. We should acknowledge that it is even more impressive if God set in motion the things that would impact this day centuries earlier.
  2. The battle happened at night and Joshua was actually praying to prevent the sun from rising. Thus God answered with a heavy fog that obscured the rising sun or with an eclipse that hid the sun. -- The text doesn't support this theory, because it does not imply darkness, but says that the sun stopped.
  3. The passage is written in prose quoted from this “Book of Jasher”. Therefore it is simply figurative. -- Poetic structure doesn't imply figurative speech. God says what He means and means what He says even in poetry. The sun stopped in the sky.
  4. Astrophysicist Donald Patton's hypothesis (this is what we'll discuss in this study). His theory is based on scientific studies about how the Earth and Mars once interracted and how this eventually affected our calendar. Note that this doesn't try to explain the miracles of God away as mere natural occurances. To me, it shows us how well God planned everything from the foundation of time. It shows that since God created the laws of physics, He chose to use them to His advantages when He wanted to.

Our Calendar Changed, why?

14 different ancient calendars used to be based on 360 day years. This includes Egyptian, Chaldean, Jewish, Mayan, Teutonic, and more. Some might speculate that this was because they didn't know better. Well, that hardly makes sense because even though these men weren't technically advanced, they were still smart enough to calculate the cycles of the sun and moon. In fact, they were much more reliant on it than we are. This affected their planting times, their harvest times, their navigational calculations, and much more. If there was anything that the ancients were good at, it was calendar tracking. But everyone's calendar changed in 701 BC. The Roman calendar (our current system) added 5 ¼ days to the year (365 days a year + 1 every four years) and Hezekiah added a full month to the Jewish calendar seven times every nineteen years. Why the change? Obviously it had to because the change is still holding up today. So what happened in 701 BC that demanded a change?

Significance of Mars

Before we get to that, let's examine the influence of the planet Mars on the ancient world. Ancient cultures feared and worshipped the planet Mars (thought to be a powerful god). He was menacing and a god of War. This god/planet wasn't named Mars until the days of the Romans, before then he was called Aries by the Greeks and before that, Ba'al (2 Kings 23:5). The Tuetons called him Tues. Tuesday and March are named after this god. Why was there such a big deal made over a small planet in our night sky? Why did this planet scare people so much? Could you even pick it out of the night sky if you had to? But what if it wasn't always so little in the sky?

Many scientists believe that Mars and Earth were on slightly different resonant orbits. The Earth was 360 day orbit and Mars was 720 day. The orbits would have been more elliptical than they are today and slightly offset so that the orbit of Mars passed through the orbit of Earth. This would cause them to pass by near each other on several occasions at about 108 years intervals. This model would account f


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