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... searched the scriptures daily ... Acts 17:11

Numbers - types

 Number One         Beginning             God

In the beginning was God, the one true God

Genesis 1:1

The Father, the Word and the Holy Ghost are one

I John 5:7

There is one God and one holy nation

Ephesians 4:6, I Peter 2:9

Number Two        Witness, Division

In the mouth of two or three witnesses

Matthew 18:16

The Bible is divided into two testaments

Number Three       Complete

 All God's creation is complete in three:

Father, Son, Holy Spirit

Spirit, Soul, and Body

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Animal, Vegetable, Mineral

Number Four         Creation

The four elements

earth, air, fire, water

The four directions

north, south, east, west

The four seasons

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

The four divisions of the day

Morning, Noon, Evening, Midnight

Number Five      Grace

The favor of God's grace

God informed Paul, His grace was sufficient  

Number Six Man

The earth was prepared for man in six days

Man was created on the sixth day

The number 666 is the completeness of man, the best

man can do without God

Number Seven Spiritual Perfection and Revelation

The book of Revelations beautifully reveals the Number Seven

Seven churches

Seven Spirits of God

Seven golden candlesticks

Seven stars

Seven lamps

Seven seals

Seven eyes

Seven horns

Seven angels

Seven trumpets

Seven heads

Seven crowns

Seven plagues

Seven gold vials

Seven mountains

Seven kings

God's Spiritual perfection comes in His revelation of the

number seven

Number Eight       New Beginnings, Resurrection

Jesus' transfiguration was on the eighth day

Circumcision was to be on the eighth day

Eight souls were saved in the flood

Number Nine Judgment

The number nine consists of 3 x 3

It is the completeness of completeness

Nine is also one short of coming into God's divine order

Number Ten Perfection of Divine Order

Decade Ten years 10

Era One hundred years 10 x 10

Millennium One thousand years 10 x 10 x 10

Noah was the tenth generation

The Ten Commandments

One tenth = The Tithe

Ten plagues in Egypt

The ten virgins

Number Eleven Disorder, confusion

After Judas' betrayal, there were only 11 apostles

Before the Holy Spirit could come on the Day of

Pentecost, the twelfth apostle had to be appointed

Number Twelve Perfection of Government

The twelve patriarchs

The twelve apostles

The twelve foundations of the Holy City

Twelve persons anointed of the Holy Spirit in the Old


Number Thirteen Satan, Rebellion

All the names of satan are divisible by thirteen

Israel rebelled against God thirteen times in the wil-


Number Fourteen Deliverance and Salvation

Israel was delivered the fourteenth day of the first month

Matthew records 14 generations from Abraham to David

14 generations from David to the carrying away into Babylon

14 generations from the carrying away into Babylon to Christ,

The Anointing which is our deliverer

Number Fifteen Completion of God's Grace, Kingdom

The Completion of God's Grace 3 x 5

The fifteenth day of the first month is the Feast of Unleavened

Bread, the symbol of the sinless body

The fifteenth day of the seventh month is the Feast of

Tabernacles. The Feast of Tabernacles marks the end of the

sixth day of man and the beginning of the seventh day of the


Number Sixteen Love

There are sixteen titles for Jehovah in the Bible

In I Corinthians 13:4-8 there are sixteen attributes of love

Number Seventeen Victory

In Romans, chapter eight, there are seventeen things listed

which cannot separate us from the love of God

In Hebrews, chapter twelve, there are seventeen differences in the Old Covenant compared with the New Covenant

Number Eighteen Bondage

In Judges, Israel was held in bondage for eighteen years, first by Eglon and then by Ammon

Jesus healed the woman who had been bound by satan for

eighteen years

6 + 6 + 6 = 18 The best carnal man can accomplish

Number Nineteen Faith

There are nineteen people listed in Hebrews, chapter eleven, the

faith chapter

Number Twenty            Redemption,         Time of Waiting

The Israelite men were chosen to go to war at the age of twenty

At the age of twenty, the children of Israel were to make an

offering for their souls.

Jacob waited twenty years for his wives and possessions

Number Twenty-Two          Light

There are twenty-two bowls of oil which hold the oil for the


There were twenty-two thousand priests to serve the tabernacle.

There are twenty-two sections of light in the 119th chapter of


There are seven divisions of 22 verses in the book of


Number Twenty-Three        Death

There are twenty-three things listed in the book of Romans,

chapter one, verses 28;32 which makes one worthy of death

Number Twenty-Four         Priesthood,

Higher Form of Government

There are twenty-four elders around God's throne

There were twenty-four courses of the priesthood in the


Number Thirty                   Maturity

Joseph was thirty when he stood before Pharaoh

David was thirty when he began to reign in Hebron

John the Baptist began preaching repentance at the age of thirty

Jesus began His ministry at the age of thirty

Number Thirty-three            Promise

Jesus was thirty-three when He went to the cross

He was thirty-three when He arose, giving us the promise of eternal life

Number Forty          Trials, Probation, Testing

Israel was tested for forty years in the wilderness

Jesus was tempted for forty days in the wilderness

Jonah preached judgment to Nineveh for forty years

In the book of Judges, Israel was given forty years of rest under

Othniel, Barak, and Gideon

Number Forty-two                         Completion of a Journey

Israel had forty-two campsites from Egypt to their promise land

There are forty-two generation from Abraham to Christ

Forty-two mocked the ascension of Elijah to Elisha

Number Fifty                    Holy Spirit and Freedom

The word pentecost means fifty

The Holy Spirit was given fifty days after Jesus' resurrection

Fifty is the year of jubilee

Number Sixty        Pride and Arrogance

The image Nebuchadnezzar set up was sixty cubits high

Number Sixty-six         Idol Worship

The confusion of man (11 x 6) who makes an idol out of self

Number Seventy               Restoration

The descendants of Shem, Ham, and Japeth after the flood was


Seventy descendants of Jacob were in Egypt at the time of


Israel was restored to their promise land seventy years after the

Babylonian captivity

Daniel's seventy weeks will complete the time when the Most

Holy will be anointed

Number One Hundred and Twenty

Complete Dispensation of Time

Moses lived three complete generations of time 3 x 40 = 120

Forty years under the law of Egypt

Forty years under grace, after he killed the Egyptian

Forty years led by the Spirit of God

Number One Hundred, Forty-Four

God's Perfect Government

12 x 12 signifies God's ultimate creation of government

Number One Hundred, Fifty-three         Fruit Bearing

Jesus' disciples caught one hundred and fifty-three fish when

they fished on the right side of the boat

Number Two Hundred         Insufficiency

Two hundred pennyweight of bread was insufficient to feed the


Number Six Hundred                                  Warfare

Pharaoh pursued Israel with six hundred chariots

The Danites sent six hundred men of war to take Josiah

Goliath's spear weighed six hundred shekels of iron

Number Six Hundred and Sixty-six Man's Best

Six, six, six 3 x 6 = 18 is the best man can do without

God, which only brings God's people into bondage

Six, six, six is the number of the beast, the great anti-


Number One Forty-Four Thousand

God's Perfect Government

God's Kingdom rulership, with His firstfruit company


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